October, 28, 2017, 9am-3pm - Technician Class Amateur Radio License Test Review Session and FCC Exam (6pm) at PCC Cascade

This free intensive Technician Class Amateur Radio licensing review course is designed for Portland NET members, but is also open to the public for ages 12+. Scheduled to take place at PCC Cascade, the class will concentrate on the value of amateur radio for emergency disaster communications, but will also cover some of the other aspects of amateur radio as a hobby.

Free class, but donations to the Piedmont NET are very helpful

Though the course is free, a donation ($5-$10) to cover the cost of emergency response supplies for the Piedmont NET would be greatly appreciated. You can use the PayPal Donate button in the right sidebar on this page.

What's not free

You will also need to purchase a handheld radio (a BaoFeng model from Amazon: $30-$60, depending on power and other features) after you have passed the exam ($12). So, the total cost will be somewhere around $47-$82.

Here's how to prepare for the exam:

  1. Register for the class at the bottom of this page.  Download the course guide and the FCC Question Pool, which lists all 396 questions and answers that can be found in the 35-question exam. Also download the files at the very bottom of this page..
  2. Study on your own (6-10 hours) using the entertaining educational videos and other materials found at http://bit.ly/Tech-Helps
  3. Take online practice tests a few times to monitor how you are doing and to gain confidence for the actual exam. One online practice test site is at http://bit.ly/Practice-Tests
  4. After taking the practice exams, you may feel confident enough to go ahead and take the real test, If yes, skip to step 6.  If not, go to step 5. 
  5. Attend the class at PCC Cascade with others who are studying for the exam. We will go over almost all of the questions and help you "connect the dots" between memorization of the material and actually understanding the concepts.  The class will consist of PowerPoint instruction and some demos of some equipment. 
  6. Finally, take the test that evening at 6pm in the same PCC Cascade classroom, or on:
    1. Saturday, November 4  at 1:00pm, Sunset Presbyterian Church, 14986 NW Cornell Rd., Portland OR 97229-5460  (walk-ins are welcome)
    2. Sunday, November 5  at 7:00pm at Round Table Pizza, 10389 SE 82nd Ave in Milwaukie (walk-ins are welcome).
  7. We will keep you informed of other possible testing opportunities.
  8. When you pass the exam, please let us know.  We keep data on the number of successful license candidates.  It help the Portland Bureeau of Emergency Management with its emergency communications and funding.

Register below:

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Further Training Possibilities

To help you get going with your new skill, two weeks after the test when everyone has been issued their call sign by the FCC there will be a follow-up FREE workshop to help you program your new radio and get some basic on-air experience. Registration for the workshop is at http://bit.ly/NET-ARO-Cert

Please email Michael Colvin, W6CUJ at teamlead@pdxpiedmont.net if you have other questions, or when you have passed the exam. 

Class Resources

  1. Here are some study resources for both younger and older Technician Class applicants.  (This informative and "nerdily" entertaining collection of videos will help in understanding some of the basic electronics principles in the exam.)
  2. Download Technician License Class Study Guide
  3. Download the Technician Class Question Pool

  Other Files:


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