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Meet your neighbors...

If you are new to Portland, you may have noticed that we are a friendly city.  People stop to talk to one another.  You may even know your netdoor neighbors.  American urban culture can be very lonely and isolating, but Portland is intentionally working at building community.

One great way to learn about the Piedmont neighborhood is to become a subscriber to Nextdoor.com.  There's even an app for your phone or tablet.  Nextdoor is full of information about events, happenings, freebies, and a lot of other useful things.  The Piedmont Net uses Nextdoor to announce its meetings, trainings, etc. 

Get to know every neighbor on your block, at least.  That way, not only will your life be richer, but when disaster strikes your neighbors will be there to help one another.  When you introduce yourself, have a conversation that allows you to make a connection with your neighbor--something you have in common, but not too easy or too hard.  If you talk about the weather, you will learn nothing about each other and your conversation will be over quickly.  On the other hand, political and religious topics are naturally devisive--not a good place to start.  The idea is to form the kind of relationship with your neighbor that will allow you both to work together around disaster preparedness.  That might even be a good topic to begin with.  Have either of you made a plan?  How do you start?  What are your mutual concerns?

Remember, getting to know your neighbor is not like making a sales call!  Relax and be real.

Map your neighborhood...

One of the greatest aids to knowing your neighbors is contained in a neat booklet called Map Your Neighborhood (MYN), which was designed by Washington State Emergency Management. Piedmont NET can show you how to map your neighborhood so that you will have a post-disaster neighborhood Gathering Site and Care Center, an inventory of neighborhood skills and equipment, a neighbor contact list and map.  If you would like a copy of Map Your Neighborhood (MYN), please email TeamLead@pdxpiedmont.net, or download it and print it out at home.



Invite us!

Many blocks in the Piedmont neighborhood have block parties annually or more often.  There are neighborhood-based small groups that meet regularly.  We would like to have an opportunity to meet with your group to get to know you and to form a relationship with you.  Please consider inviting us.  We can tailor our presentation to your needs.  We have brochures, audio-visuals, and handouts available. For more information, or to schedule us for your meeting, email TeamLead@pdxpiedmont.net


Donate to Piedmont NET

Your donations help the NET (which is a totally volunteer operation) to purchase medical and other supplies we will need in major disasters.

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