Radio Programming and Operations/NET ARO Certification Workshops


These 2-part workshops are for newly-licensed amateur radio operators and other "hams" who have been out of action for a while, or who never quite got activated, and for hams who are working on NET ARO Certification.  Select either or both parts on the registration form.

Select the date you want to attend from the list at the bottom of this page.  The link will take you to its registration form.

The workshop is held in two parts:

Part 1 - Radio Programming & Operations - time is date specific

Part 2 - NET ARO Certification (for those who actually have their licenses by that time) - time is date specific

The workshops will be at the Leaven Community Center, 5431 NE 20th Ave, Portland, 97211, unless otherwise noted.

Part 1 - Newbie Workshop will focus on emergency communications (which can be helpful to you and your family), and provide newly-licensed amateurs with everything they need to get going (except the radio).  If you do not have a radio, consider purchasing one of the BaoFeng HTs (handi-talkie) available from Amazon for around $30 and up.  You will also need the BaoFeng FDTI programming cable (also at Amazon).  If you already have a radio, please bring it and its programming cable with you.  We will program radios with the CHIRP software  (available here(link is external)) with emergency communications frequencies for Multnomah County (and Clark County, if you live in Vancouver, WA). 

Read the instructions on the CHIRP site carefully to save a lot of trouble installing the software.  If you have trouble, never fear!  We can usually figure out what the problem is in class.

Our hope is that once you have had the class you will decide to become a part of your local Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team amateur radio communication support.  Working with amateur radio communications during a disaster is critical to the success of NETs in Portland in providing emergency assistance following a disaster.  WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS TO DO ALL THAT IS NEEDED.  That's where you come in.

Please bring your photo ID and Amateur Radio License with you to class. If you have passed the test, but your call sign has not yet appeared in the FCC ULS Database, bring proof that you have passed the test. Bring your radio, too, of course, and a laptop or notebook computer, if you have one, with you to class.

If you have questions, please email: sends e-mail)

If you know someone else who would be interested in the class, please use the Share button at the bottom of the page.

"Cheat sheets" (simple, abbreviated instructions) for most radios NETs use may be found here.  I strongly recommend that you download the cheat sheet for your radio and bring it with you to class.

Go here to find files for Baofeng radios and some Yaesus, links to the CHIRP Baofeng driver for PCs and MacOS, and complete CHIRP installation information.

The files at the bottom of the page are

  1. the NET RTL (Radio Training Liaison) group recommended Basic Radio Kit based on the BaoFeng UV5X.  It contains a list of accessories AROs should have with their radios
  2. the Portland NET ARO (Amateur Radio Operator) Channel Template for use with the Chirp software.  It will upload to any radio that works with Chirp
  3. the Descriptive Channel List that is a cross-reference guide to the template frequencies and give descriptions of the channels.
  4. #2 above - Piedmont NET version with additional channels used by Piedmont NET
  5. #3 above - Piedmont NET version

If you are a Piedmont ARO, please download the Piedmont versions(#s 4 and 5) of the files .

Part 2 - NET ARO Certification  for those interested in certifying as official NET AROs (Amateur Radio Operators) with their NET Teams.  We will assume that you have gone to the NET ARO Certification page on the PBEM website(link is external) and have completed the first three requirements (or as many as you are able to do), and that you have downloaded, printed out and brought with you the NET ARO Task List(link is external).  We will affirm the steps you have completed and sign you off on those items.  Once the list is completed, you will have qualified for the NET ARO Certification, which makes you a full member of the you NET team.

A BEECN Orange Box radio kit will be on hand for you to set up.  Become familiar with what is in the box by viewing this video:

We will provide you with some operating aids and hand holding as you practice working on one of the local amateur radio repeaters.  We will also talk about and show you what a radio emergency communications "go-kit" looks like and what might be included.  You will learn about where to get on-going training in handling emergency messages and other skills.

Please bring the following:

1. A photo ID

2. Amateur Radio License or proof that you passed the exam

3. NET ARO Task List

4. The FEMA certificates for 100, 200, 700, and 802 showing that you have passed.

5. Your radio, manual and "cheat sheet."

If you have questions, please email: sends e-mail)

If you know someone else who would be interested in the class, please use the Share button at the bottom of the page.

Workshop Dates

Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 1pm-5pm


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