What is an ATV?

Affiliated Trained Volunteers are an important part of NET operations.  These are people with special skills beyond the scope of Basic NET Training, who nonetheless have important roles in post-disaster operations.  They are ham radio operators, scouts, counselors and therapists, doctors and nurses, veterinarians and veterinary technicians, all of whom work closely with the NET to prepare the neighborhood to respond to disasters.  ATVs take part in pre-disaster drills and preparation activities, but they do not have to be NET certified.

What is an SUV?

An SUV is a spontaneous untrained volunteer (not NET certified), someone who post-disaster simply shows up and wants to help.  SUVs are also an important part of NET operations, but since they have not worked with us before, the scope of what they can do is mch more limited.

Unlike NET-certified members, ATVs and SUV are not indemnified by the City of Portland.  If injured in a disaster response, their own insurance must cover their injuries and recuperation.


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Your donations help the NET (which is a totally volunteer operation) to purchase medical and other supplies we will need in major disasters.

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