Join the Piedmont NET CoreTeam

You do not need to be a Portland NET certified member of the Team in order to be a part of what we are doing.  We have a need for many types of volunteers.  You may find that you will want to take the NET certification training after you have been with us for a while, or you may be happy contributing the skills you already have.  To find out more about how we operate in a disaster, download the Piedmont NET Operations Plan.  

This form will sign you up for the Piedmont NET's email updates, and include you in the Team structure.  Follow the instructions in the form as you go along.

Your Information

Have you completed the Basic NET Training in Portland or CERT training somewhere else?

Amateur Radio Communications

Do you have an amateur radio license?

Do you have portable radio equipment, antennas, generators or emergency power supplies?
Medical Skills
Are you a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician's assistant, EMT, or other medical professional, even if not currently certified?
Are you a veterinarian or vet tech?
Do you have a bicycle? Cargo bike? Power generator? Mechanics/Auto Body pry bar? Any other equipment or supplies that might be useful in an emergency?

Donate to Piedmont NET

Your donations help the NET (which is a totally volunteer operation) to purchase medical and other supplies we will need in major disasters.

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